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Voice, repertoire and langauge coaching for singers

Language and Repertoire Coaching

German, hungarian, yiddish

German, Hungarian and Yiddish

With over 15 years of experience in teaching and coaching both professional singers and voice students, I can help you to prepare your repertoire in German, Hungarian and Yiddish; from Bach through Bartók to Gebritig – my aim is to help singers to reach artistic mastery thourgh thorough understanding, clear diction and individual interpreatation of their repertoire.

Understanding Your Text

Everything starts with a thorough understanding of the text. Beyond the meaning of single words, singers need to understand the background and intention of the text the composer decided to set. Who wrote it? When? Why? For whom? Equipped with this knowledge, you can set out to make the text truly your own.

Crystal Clear Diction

Singers regularely need to sing in languages they don’t speak or sometimes even understand. Mastering the given language is helpful – but not a requirement.

Still – it is important to polish your diction to perfection not only to sound intelligible to those that actually do understand the language but also because the sound of the text is part of the music, part of the soundscape intended by the composer.

Depending on the availible time and your goals, I can

  • teach you how to become independent in your preparation of German, Hungarian or Yiddish repertoire by understanding of the rules of pronunciation and learning how to enunciate the sounds of the given langauage.
  • coach a given piece to perfection e.g. for an audition or a recording;
  • train you in a piece or operatic role even in Hungarian or Yiddish until it sounds convincing.

May You Sing Biz Hundertuntsvantsig!

Clear diction starts with the understanding of the rules of pronunciation and learning to enunciate the sounds of the given langauge but it does not stop there. I coach singers to convey the text clearly, while realizing a wide range of dynamics and vocal colors, by understanding the technical mechanisms of healthy singing in general and articulation in particular. This gives singers the tools to convey their individual interpretation of the piece and ensure healthy singing on the long term.

Preparation for Auditions - Ah, Those Monologues!

If you are preparing for an audition you need to have worked out a few pieces to perfection. I am happy to help you chosing and preparing this repertoire.
Mind that often spoken texts, such as monologues or poems, are required in auditions, especially in Germany. It is important to chose a piece that fits your personality and reflects your artistic profile.
After perfecting your diction, we can work out the intonation and phrasing, as well as the changing dynamics and tempi, in order to convey your artistic interpretation of the spoken text.

Online Coaching

Working face-to-face is beyond doubt more effective and pleasant than online. However, if necessary, coaching can work quite well online, especially in the initial phase of repertoire study. There are several options from working via digital platforms to sending recordings back an forth, and experience shows that ususlly a combination of several works best. Contact me to discuss the options.

Diction Coaching for Choirs

I enjoy working with choirs to help them achieve clear diction and convincing interpreatation by working on pronunciation and enunciation, timing, phrasing and colors. I have been working with such outstanding ensembles as the Netherlands Radio Choir (Groot Omroepkoor) and Consensus Vocalis, coaching them on diverse repetroire from Bach cantatas through Schönberg to operas of Mozart and Korngold.

Diction Coaching in Opera Productions

As German language coach at the Nationale Reisopera and formerly at the Dutch National Opera Academy, I had the pleasure to coach productions of Beethoven’s Fidelio, Mozarts’s Zauberflöte, Humperdinck’s Hänsel und Gretel, Korngold’s Die tote Stadt, Die stumme Serenade and Das Wunder der Heliane. I enjoy being part of the production process by sitting in rehearsals and providing feedback to the singers as well as supporting them in their preparation during individual meetings.

It is always a pleasure working with Sára. First in the Conservatory of Amsterdam and later on professional stages like the Nederlandse Reisopera. Sára, with the background of being a singer herself, has a clear understanding how the singers mind works and can skillfully help solving all possible German hindrances. And this all wrapped in a very patience, clear and kind approach.

Sander de Jong


Joy, generosity and soul are the qualities Sára brings to her work, whether she is teaching languages, coaching singers or performing! She blends passion and intellect to delight and guide all she crafts.

Jane Lang

Choir Conductor

Voice Lessons

Vocal Technique

Depending on your current level and your goals, we will work on improving your

  • posture,
  • breathing,
  • articulation,
  • projection of sound,
  • range and
  • tone.

Repertoire That Is Right For You

It is important to sing repertoire that you truly love and care about and that represents and adequat amount of challange.
By exploring the rich vocal repertoire, you will develop a better knowledge of what is out there and you will also develop your taste. Sometimes you might chose repertoire that is within your technical possibilties to learn something new about style or simply enjoy singing a new piece, other times you will pick a song just beyond your current level to stimulate growth in vocal technique.

Music Theory

Students that want to become more independent in their preparation often chose to learn at least some basic music theory and solfeggio. What we cover in the lessons depends on each student’s current level, needs and wishes. What do you want to imporove? Your sight reading for choir rehearsals? Your listening skills for ensemble work? Your skills to analyze music in order to understand your repertoire better and learn it quicker? 

For Choir Singers

Are you looking for voice lessons to become a better choir singer and enjoy more those rehearsals and concerts or church services? Would you like to work on your choir repertoire with me to be more secure in the rehearsals or study solo rep for the fun of it?
In both cases, most of the above might be interesting for you; understanding the physical mechanisms of singing, imporving your technique and if needed working on sight reading, rhythms, listening skills are essential for getting optimum satisfaction as a choir singer. Thorough understanding of the text and clear diction are undispensable for choir singers just as they are for soloists. 

With good preparation you can blend with the other voices and do what the choir master asks you while using your voice in a healthy and sustainible way and look forward to many more years of choir singing bliss.



Individual diction / repertoire coaching for professional singers

60 minutes of individual coaching in German, Hungarian or Yiddish € 70 + 21% VAT (btw)
90 minutes of individual coaching in German, Hungarian or Yiddish € 90 + 21% VAT (btw)

Coaching sessions in Amsterdam or online. On site coaching t.b.d.

For role study we can discuss an individual quote.

Voice coaching / singing lessons

45 minutes individual voice coaching / singing lesson € 40 + 21% VAT (btw)*
60 minutes individual voice coaching / singing lesson € 50 + 21% VAT (btw)*
75 minutes individual voice coaching / singing lesson € 60 + 21% VAT (btw)*
10 x 45 minutes individual voice coaching / singing lesson € 360 + 21% VAT (btw)*
10 x 60 minutes individual voice coaching / singing lesson € 450 + 21% VAT (btw)*
10 x 75 minutes individual voice coaching / singing lesson € 540 + 21% VAT (btw)*

* No VAT (btw) for students under 21 years.


Group lessons

Learning in a group has more advantages than just the shared costs. You learn not only from the instructor but also from each other as well as from each other’s mistakes, and you sharpen your ears while listening to your peers. For choir singers, coming with singers from the same voice group speeds up the learning and blending process, while studying with singers from different voice groups improves other essential skills: you learn to sing your part while listening to other voices and improve your intonation together.

While I do not offer open group lessons you can join, you are most welcome to come together with one or more fellow singers.

I recommend group sessions especially for theory and solfeggio lessons.

75 minutes session for up to 3 singers € 80 + 21% VAT (btw)*
each extra singer per session € 25 + 21% VAT (btw)*
10 x 75 minutes sessions for up to 3 singers € 720 + 21% VAT (btw)*

* No VAT (btw) for students under 21 years.


15% discount for students

Students studying at conservatories and universities recieve 15% discount on all fees. Students under 21% do not pay VAT (btw) over the fees.


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